Tuesday, March 28, 2017

College Offers Course On Liberalism

We have known for years that public universities slip a liberal agenda into the coursework that they teach our young people. However, Ohio State University is now openly embracing this fact by offering a course which solely focuses on the liberal fallacies that have plagued Leftist academia for years. The course called “Crossing Identity Boundaries” has the express purpose of teaching students about so-called “social justice.” The term “social justice” is a favorite for liberals on college campuses. Social justice is based on the idea that some groups of people will always do better in life than other groups of people, regardless of how hard they try to succeed. This is also called “identity politics.” Of course, this concept is deeply flawed because it ignores the fact that America is the land of opportunity. Although some people may start out with more opportunities because of their parents’ prosperity, America is a place where hard work and ingenuity will allow anyone to succeed in the long run.

However, despite these obvious facts, Ohio State University is offering this new class to push a false liberal narrative on young people. Part of this narrative is to warn students of the supposed evils of “microaggressions.” Microaggressions happen when someone insults a group of people without even trying to. For instance, saying “America is the land of opportunity” is considered a microaggression because it implies that some people do not succeed because they do not work hard enough. However, anyone who has a firm grasp on reality knows that it is true that some people do not succeed because they do not work.

This identity politics course is not concerned with giving students a firm grasp on reality. They simply want to employ the liberal tactic of passing the blame for failure to someone’s race, religion, gender, or some other factor. Leftists do not want success for minority groups as they claim, they just want to give them excuses. On the contrary, conservatives know that America gives everyone the tools that they need to succeed. The rights afforded to all in the Constitution is the only “social justice” that Americans need.

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