Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Judges Join the ‘Resistance’

Resistance has become the rallying cry for those who failed to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box last year. The well-funded Center for American Progress, which employs much of Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign, said it hoped to be “the central hub of the Trump resistance.”

This resistance to Trump began on November 9, the day after the election, when the ACLU threatened to “see him in court” where it promised to unleash its “full firepower” to stop him. Resistance was the theme of the anarchists who sparked violent protests, including smashed windows and burned out cars, from Berkeley, California to Washington, D.C.

Judge Leonie Brinkema of Alexandria, Virginia is one of the latest federal judges to join this “resistance.” She joined Judge James Robart of Seattle, who made a political ruling against Trump’s immigration pause.

Just like Judge Robart before her, Brinkema did not bother to cite any relevant law that supports her opinion against Trump's executive order being carried out. Instead, her opinion complained that campaign speeches by Trump and by Rudy Giuliani revealed the President’s “religious prejudice” against Muslims.

Both judges falsely claimed there’s no “evidence” that suspending travel from seven Muslim countries would protect Americans from terrorism. Judge Robart even said that no visitor or refugee from any of the seven countries had ever been arrested for terrorism. In fact, 72 individuals from those seven countries have been convicted of terror-related crimes since 9/11.

The list of 72 individuals, including at least one from each of the seven countries on Trump’s list, was compiled last year by a Senate subcommittee led by former Senator Jeff Sessions. At least 17 of the convicted criminals arrived in the United States as refugees, and at least 25 of them eventually became U.S. citizens.

Just four months ago, an Iraqi refugee who came here in 2009 was convicted of trying to help ISIS by setting off bombs at two shopping malls in Houston. “I want to travel to be with those who are against America,” the Iraqi refugee wrote. “I am against America.”

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