Friday, April 28, 2017

Reasons to Oppose the Travel Ban

While liberals around the country were busy complaining about President Trump’s travel ban that sought to stop the onslaught of outrageous aggression, the liberals in California made their own travel ban against religious expression. According to a new California law, public universities are no longer allowed to send students to states that oppose gay rights. Students that have prepared for months to make presentations of their research have been told to cancel their plans. Athletes have been told not to expect any games with rivaling teams from states like Tennessee, Kansas, or North Carolina. The logic is that California doesn’t want taxpayer dollars going to states that hold conservative, pro-family principles.

This is just another example of how far liberals will go to shut out those that disagree with them to the detriment of students seeking a quality education. First and foremost, this shows that California liberals are willing to sacrifice education for political expediency. They want to withhold students from educational opportunities like interstate conferences, research seminars and symposiums, and speaking engagements simply because they disagree with the governmental policies of the state in which the events take place. Not only will this hinder the educational experience of students, but it’s highly unlikely that real change will come about for homosexuals. Why throw away educational opportunities when there will be no real change?

Also, this new law illustrates just how isolated these liberals want to be. If the state of California wants to oppose traditional marriage, they should be encouraging their students to travel to other states and promote a differing viewpoint, not shut them in to prevent open discussions. In reality, California simply cannot handle an opposing conservative voice. They want to make their entire state a safe space to block out anyone who disagrees with the liberal agenda. If you really want to know if the conservatives or the liberals are on the right side of this issue, just ask yourself who wants to open an honest discussion and who wants to suppress the discussion. It’s clear to see that California liberals are willing to go to extreme lengths to suppress an open dialogue for their college students.

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