Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Back to Community Organizing

When Donald Trump took office on January 20, Barack Obama did not leave Washington, D.C. for a private life, as all of his recent predecessors have done. He remains on the scene to help lead the insurgency against Trump. The Obamas moved into a $5 million mansion just two miles from the White House. The mansion is owned by Joe Lockhart, who was the White House press secretary when Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998.

Before moving in, contractors built a beautiful brick wall between the house and the street. This wall will protect the Obamas from anyone illegally entering their new home as they work to stop Trump from building a “big, beautiful wall” on our southern border.

The Obamas’ new neighbors include Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, and The Islamic Center of Washington, one of the largest mosques in the Western hemisphere.

Then came the news that Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Valerie Jarrett, has also moved into the mansion. She lived in the White House for the last eight years, and President Obama reportedly didn’t make a major decision without her input.

As the centerpiece of his post-presidential life of leading the resistance to Trump, Obama has restarted Organizing for Action, which was formed out of his 2012 reelection campaign. With its stated mission of “mobilizing and training the next generation of progressive organizers,” OFA boasts 32,525 volunteers nationwide.

Since their restart, OFA has been quite busy. They helped disrupt town hall meetings held in February by Republican members of Congress. According to a training manual uncovered by journalist Paul Sperry, OFA advised protestors not to sit together, but to spread out in order to falsely “reinforce the impression of broad consensus.”

“OFA is dedicated to empowering progressive talent at every level,” their website says. “From first-time student organizers to organizing professionals and community leaders, we’re here to equip folks with the skills and tools that can help them turn their passion into action.”

We’ve seen what happens when leftwing agitators “turn their passion into action.” On college campuses from California to Vermont, conservative scholars have been assaulted and property has been damaged by mask-wearing anarchists.

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